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Transition Talents for:
A) MSc students & recent graduates
B) self-employed professionals & startup founders

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Transition Talents is a modular program .You can build your journey!

There is no application cost, no training fees for our coaching.
Summerschools are optional and you apply directly to the universities.
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After 4 mo. training in the Netherlands, you will go into the wild startup world

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Transition Talents Application Terms and Conditions

1) Transition Talents program is a volunteering traineeship. This is not a job offer and you agree to take part in this placement as a volunteer with no obligatory financial compensation for activities performed during your internship at Green ID.
2) Participants that may be supported by means of a mobility grant during this period have a priority during selection. It is the responsibility of each participant to communicate the conditions of your mobility grant and actions required by Green ID.
3) You are responsible to make arrangements for your own insurance covering medical emergencies during your upcoming travels and stay abroad. Erasmus+ provides insurance to its beneficiaries; check for its conditions.
4) Self-funded trainees will be requested to make a payment to guarantee their accommodation, living costs and insurance during the traineeship period in the Netherlands. Self-finance support documents during the exchange period may be requested.
5) It is compulsory to pay a deposit in advance for your Startup Tool Kit which is provided by Green ID in order to perform your activities. In case of loss or damage during your traineeship, you should let us know as soon as possible to arrange for repairs or replacements.
6) In case of any financial or medical emergency you must let us know as soon as possible to take responsible actions that allow us to make of your traineeship both a valuable and safe experience. You will be provided with a global data sim card to be reachable for this reason.
Your Green Travel Gear & Startup Toolkit
> Green Travel Gear. Price: EUR 149,-
> Startup Tool Kit. Deposit: EUR 300,-

Our Green Travel Gear features some cool gadgets from startups.
We want you to try these. Your money back policy is 1 month!
Your Startup Tool Kit includes a tablet with pre-loaded collaboration tools and a global data sim card.
There is a compulsory deposit. Return your toolkit in good conditions at the end of your exchange!
Financing your Traineeship

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Do you want to enroll in the summer school on planning & design with water for sustainability? *

This costs EUR 350,- and we will enroll you with TU Delft
Duration: 17 Jul to 28 Jul
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Application Deadline: 15 Apr 2017
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This payment will cover the following:
   > Summerschool at TU Delft: {{answer_45329690}}
   > Green Travel Gear : {{answer_47535266}}
   > Startup Toolkit Deposit
Enrollment in the Transition Talents Program has no cost.
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You must confirm your traineeship and complete payments before April 15 2017

Feel free to shoot any questions at
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We should settle the details for your traineeship before April 15th.
We will be in touch to welcome you during the kickoff in May or June.

In the meantime, feel free to shoot any questions at
Download slides on Transition Talents 2017
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